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FIFCN Mental Health Counseling Services

Providing Everything You Need

Mental Health Counseling Children, Youth, & Parents

Provide practical Biblical counseling using temperament counseling biblical-based deliverance principles to address the root and fruit of suffering. Counseling approaches individualize to address emotional, spiritual, and physical, trauma, generational curses, self-spoken curses, church-related issues, changes in roles, and soul ties, codependency, psychiatric disturbances, relational issues, grief, and depression, anxiety, and anger.  Participants will learn about spiritual warfare and self-deliverance, learn cognitive and behavioral skills, self-awareness and control, communication, biblical meditation, and other skills to maintain freedom from bondage

 (sessions by appointment)

Marriage counseling

Biblically based Temperament therapy along with other counseling approaches is used with couples at various stages of marriage, experiencing marital unfaithfulness, communication problems, conflicts, violence,  being unequally yoked, considering separation or divorce, experiencing various post-trauma effects, post-divorce, death of a spouse. 

Group Counseling
(teens and adults)

Works with several people at the same time. Group therapy is sometimes used alone, but it is also commonly integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy. Both interpersonal, psychoeducational, skill development, and cognitive-behavioral  and support methods are used depending on the mental health condition it is intended to treat or the conditions manifested by group members

(Session weekly)

Substance Use/Abuse and Addictions counseling

address the root and fruit of various types of addiction post inpatient treatment and in conjunction with outpatient treatment or AA/NA group attendance.(Session weekly)

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